David Porter's Personal Blog

Conservative, independent thinker and don't have a strong desire to be "like everyone else" or "part of the group" as many do. That's why I'm on Gab and am phasing out Twitter.

I'm a biker and I ride an Indian Motorcycle. My motto is live to ride-ride to live. Life is always good.

Real life is more interesting than social media so I'm not often here to do much updating.

Welcome to my infrequently used and updated site.

Here you'll find thoughts, rants and just some comments on how crazy things have become.

Updated infrequently because life is way more interesting than social media or updating a website. Besides, I work with computers and apps 3 days a week and sometimes, even that's too much.

If you jump on a motorcycle and take a long, leisurely ride, you gain clarity in life and a whole lot of relaxation.